Last updated: May 13th, 2021

BIOSEN group respects your concerns about privacy. We created this Privacy Page to make sure you understand how we collect and use your personal information in connection with BIOSEN.

We at BIOSEN group prioritize your safety and privacy as much as your health. Therefore, we have made attempts so that your personal data is accessible to you and you only. Our Android application does not record or send any medical data whatsoever unless manually instructed to, in which case it is only locally stored on your device. Any personal and/or medical data gathered by BIOSEN devices is guaranteed to never be disclosed to any third-parties. However, any data uploaded on the Mobius Core server may be used anonymously for diagnostic algorithm improvements. In such cases doctors directly affiliated with BIOSEN will directly ask for your consent for any further anonymous usage of the data collected for research purposes. Unless explicitly mentioned in a consent form, signed by the doctor and the patient involved in signal gathering, no patient or doctor data will ever be published (online or on paper) or used in any research.