• Welcome To BIOSEN

    BIOSEN ECG Patch
    Single-channel ECG and accelerometer
    Full Bluetooth 5.0 support
    Strong processing core
    Micro-SD storage support
    2 week battery life

  • Welcome to BIOSEN

    BIOSEN Smart Band
    Single-channel ECG, pulse oximeter and accelerometer
    Full Bluetooth 5 support
    Strong processing core
    Self-charging technology using body-environment temperature difference

Smart Health Tracking

About Us

BIOSEN was formed in 2016 by a group of Sharif University of Technology elite graduates and students, releasing several products and services in smart health monitoring and the Internet of things to the public.
Our goal is to assist doctors and medical centers through monitoring and analysis of vital signals.

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Innovative Products

Our Team

What Makes Us Stand Out:

Our Cutting-Edge Design

We take pride in our innovative state of the art in-house product designs.

Customer Consulting

Our team of consultants make sure you make an informed purchase.

Our Support Team

We provide 24/7 support, 365 days a year, for all of our products.

Cloud Based Platform

Our comprehensive platform allows both local and cloud based data storage. You’ll never lose your data.

Strong Social Media Presence

We are open to suggestions and feedback on our social media accounts.

Warranty And Tech-Support

All of our devices come with warranty and post-purchase services.

We are open to suggestions.

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