The GlassTrack is an easy-to-use health-tracking device that allows recording ECG signals, physical activity, heart rate, and Sp02. This is made possible via BLE 5 connection to the BIOSEN Android application, which provides real-time viewing and storage options. The self-recharging technology used in this device ensures the device does not need recharging as long as it is worn by the user.

Product Features

ECG Sample rate: 256 samples per second Resolution: 16 bit (15.1 bit effective) Typical noise: 5.44 uv Two electrodes (Single-lead)
PPG One IR LED and one red LED Heart rate measurement SpO2 measurement (error: <2%)
Storage & Communication Bluetooth Low Energy 5 All data storable on smartphone
Battery 150 mAh Li-Pol Battery Self-charging using Thermo-Electric Generator
Misc. 3-axis accelerometer (physical activity monitoring) Ali assisted diagnosis of arrhythmias