The BIOSEN Mobius Patch is an ergonomic and ultra-low power device that allows ECG signals to be recorded and sent to your physician. It supports two weeks of non-stop ECG and physical activity recording per charging. It has been designed in parallel to our comprehensive analyzer platform, which means the end-user can view the ECG data via Bluetooth connection with an Android device and store it on micro-SDC. Consequently, the practitioner can upload data on the WebApp for Al assistance in diagnosis.

Product Features

ECG Sample rate: Up to 512 samples per second Resolution: 16 bit (15.1 bit effective) Typical Peak to Peak Noise: 5.44 micro-volts Two electrodes (Single-lead)
Storage & Communication Bluetooth Low Energy 5 Micro SDC (FAT32) Data storage and real-time viewing via the Android application
Battery 500 mAh LiPo battery capacity 2 week battery life per charging (on average) USB - Type C jack for charging
Misc. 3-axis Accelerometer Al assisted diagnosis of arrhythmias